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The Island Escape ferry is based in Antigua and operates from the Ferry Dock in downtown St John’s The dock is located at the bottom end of High Street close to Heritage Quay. On our current schedule, we are departing to Barbuda on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0700 hrs. and returning from the River Dock in Barbuda at 15.45.

All passengers should check in no later than 30 minutes before departure.

The standard round-trip fare is US$95.00 (EC$250.00) and the one-way fare is US$50.00 (EC$135.00). Children from 3 to 11 years US$50.00 (EC$135.00) for a round-trip and US$30.00 (EC$80.00) one-way. Infants under 3 years old travel free.

The Island Escape ferry is based in Antigua and operates from the Ferry Dock in downtown St John’s The dock is located at the bottom end of High Street close to Heritage Quay. On our current schedule, we are departing to Barbuda on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0700 hrs. and returning from the River Dock in Barbuda at 15.45.

All passengers should check in no later than 30 minutes before departure.

The standard round-trip fare is US$90.00 (EC$240.00) and the one-way fare is US$50.00 (EC$135.00). Children from 3 to 11 years US$50.00 (EC$135.00) for a round-trip and US$30.00 (EC$80.00) one-way. Infants under 3 years old travel free.

Time to pack your bags and decide what will or will not be taken with you. Stay tuned, because a safe and comfortable end of trip for you and other customers, Island Escape Ferry follows the rules of luggage transport.

Types of Baggage:

When packing for the Ferry trip, you should be careful to follow.

To transport your luggage on board, select briefcase or bag / backpack. Observe its size, because the sum of the dimensions (height, length and width) of the briefcase or bag / backpack (not plastic bags) cannot be larger than 120 cm. It must be dispatched at check-in, where it will be identified with a numbered stick and returned upon arrival at its destination.

Stay tuned, because there are two main types of luggage: free and paid check-in.

Free Payment Baggage: briefcase, bags or backpacks with a maximum weight of 06 kilograms per passenger and 1 travel bag per passenger, with a maximum weight of 14 kilos.

Checked Baggage: travel bag or bag weighing more than 14 kilograms or additional bag per passenger. In addition, any type of packaging (plastic bags / cartridges are not allowed), refrigerators, food boxes, drinks or products. In this case, a freight charge will be charged with a maximum weight of 20 kilos ($ 1 per kilo).

Therefore, consider the weight limits for each customer’s luggage. Each customer has the right to transport up to 14 kilos in their luggage free of charge. Above this it will be considered as “checked baggage”, which will be charged in excess per additional kilogram, and still, with a maximum limited weight of up to 20 kilos per passenger (06 kilos in hand luggage and 14 kilos in 1 suitcase) .

For the transport of additional luggage, they will be charged a charge of $ 1.00 per kilogram in excess of 14 kilograms free of payment for luggage (suitcases). The hand luggage and your suitcase, will be weighed at check-in and they will not exceed 20 kilos.

Attention 1: Computers, cell phones, money, documents and other valuables must go with the customer.

Attention 2: polyethylene containers, coolers, drinks and fish, can only travel as “Checked Baggage or cargo”. THE TRANSPORT OF PRODUCTS OR FOOD IN PLASTIC OR SUPERMARKET BAGS IS PROHIBITED. Inside luggage (suitcases), billed or not, each food item must be transported in appropriate containers.

Attention 3: for luggage dispatch, the customer must be present one hour before the departure time of the boat to register their luggage.

They are not allowed on the boat: weapons such as machetes, axes, etc; firearms such as guns and bombs, explosives and flammable materials, among others.

Pets such as dogs and cats, can travel with us without any problem provided they are accommodated in their kennel, as well as traveling in the terrace area. Unless it is a guide or hearing dog, and is accompanying a passenger with visual or hearing impairment, which depends exclusively on the animal. For more information, see the “Pets” submenu.

In case your luggage is not within the previous guidelines, the company may deny transportation.

Attention 4: Any container, box or cooler that travels or returns from the islands with products will cost ($ 1.00 per kg) and, we only transport boxes / cooler with handles.

It is important to remember that all perishable products and foods in general, such as fish, crustaceans and other fresh or frozen seafood, beverages, should be placed in leak-proof containers, accidental opening or smell.

Stay tuned because to transport such a product, you need to put them in a leak-proof plastic bag. Then, the bag should be placed in a polyethylene container or cooler also coated with a thick plastic bag. THE TRANSPORTATION OF PRODUCTS OR FOODS IN PLASTIC OR SUPERMARKET BAGS IS PROHIBITED.

PREGNANT WOMEN: At check-in, they must report that they are pregnant and how many months they are.


PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: To improve the travel experience for passengers with visual, physical, auditory or mental disabilities, the company intends to eliminate obstacles that may hinder the attention of people with special needs.

Customers with visual or hearing impairment, must inform the company 24 hours in advance, to ensure that they have a pleasant trip since they are presented to the Captain and the Crew and so they can count on navigation assistance, and appropriate safety guidelines.

MENTALLY DISABLED: Island Escape Ferry offers exclusive attention to passengers with special needs for mental health cases, both for boarding and disembarking. If you are accompanied by a person with a mental disability, ask our officials for special services at the Registration Kiosk.

If the client depends on the help of others and cannot alone ensure his well-being and safety, he must have a medical authorization to travel or travel with a companion capable of helping him. They must inform the company 48 hours in advance.

ATTENTION: IF YOU TRAVEL WITH A PERSON WHO HAS LIMITED MOBILITY, we do not provide wheelchairs but we can accommodate disabled passengers.
We want you and your family to have an excellent experience with us, so let us know so we can assist you.

Sorry, no pet elephants will be allowed to board.

Island Escape Ferry carry your pet (dog or cat) on the boat, without any problem. Be aware, we only allow up to 2 pets on board. So, you need to confirm by email or cellphone 48 hours earlier so we can check if we can transport your pet. To travel with your pet, it must be more than four months of age and be accommodated in a Kennel (container). The kennel must have enough space for the animal to make a full circle around itself, be a firm material, soft and resistant to leakage and ensure their safety during the trip. The Kennel must be labeled with name, address and telephone number of the client.

It is important to remember that the dimensions of the kennel cannot exceed 86 cm(height) x122 cm(width)x135 cm(length). The Passenger is responsible for feeding their pet and collecting their waste.

NOTE: you cannot travel with pets if you have a round trip ticket for the same day. Only, if you have a round trip ticket for different days.

Island Escape Ferry thinks about you all the time. Therefore and to ensure a safe and comfortable trip, it is forbidden to wear shoes with thin or high heels, leather soles, plastic or non-stick material. We may request for your safety that you remove them at the time of embarkation and disembarkation.

With Island Escape Ferry you deny more comfort, speed and safety. Thinking about your safety and that of other passengers, smoking is prohibited on board or in any area of ​​the boat. Stay tuned, because ignoring this fact can have serious consequences for you and the other passengers.

Your safety is our primary concern. Just as an airline does in calm air or in our case… “calm seas” you are free to move about the main cabin but we prefer while the ferry is underway you remain in your seat. Especially when docking i.e. until the mooring lines are secured and the captain says you may disembark. Trips to the bathroom of course are acceptable. There is an attendant on the upper deck and in the main cabin to serve you. Just raise your hand and they will come to you. Also, I thought I would just mention it… nobody is allowed to jump overboard”.

Parking is free of charge on both ends of the route. In Antigua at our terminal (Barnacle Point) the entrance to check in is located at the second gate to the property. Passengers with large baggage or cargo are allowed to drive through the gate to unload but under no circumstances can any vehicle be left inside the property. Ferry parking is located along the water’s edge just past the gate. Any vehicle left inside the walls of the terminal or blocking the front gate will be towed at the owner’s expense.

1. Our departure is from Barnacle Point/Shell Beach, in the most exclusive and privileged area of ​​all St John’s. With spectacular sunrises and sunsets, you will live a unique experience, the combination of the sea with this exclusive property will be perfect for unforgettable photographs.

2. Our boat is comfortable, safe and modern, it has air conditioning bar / coffee, bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen. The Island Escape can accommodate up to 150 passengers between its two decks. You will have a lovely voyage.

3. You decide if you prefer the first-class seating and air conditioning in the main cabin or the sun on your face and the wind blowing through your hair on the upper deck for a truly Caribbean experience.

4. There is also an air-conditioned VIP cabin forward on the upper deck with a viewing window to be able to see into the modern pilothouse with all its gadgets. Both the VIP section and the main cabin have surround sound large HD flat screen TVs. The one in main cabin is 3D and 73”. It’s a theater.

5. Our reservation system is like that of an airline, enter our website and make your reservation easily, select dates, your destination, your seats, enter passenger information and pay easily, receive your electronic ticket to your Mail and be ready to travel.

Although your trip has been planned in advance, we know that there are always unforeseen events. Therefore, we advise you to read the following carefully:

When you buy a ticket with Island Escape Ferry, automatically, all the details of your reservation are registered in our system. After you buy your ticket, print and save your reservation, so you can make changes, you have the reservation document available and go to our office. The table of rates is as follows:

Tariffs Non-Arrival Fine
Scheduled Change or reschedule 96 hours before departure, there is no fee. 100% value of the trip
Scheduled Change or reschedule less than 96 hours before departure, $20.00 fee, per one way 100% value of the trip
Scheduled Change or reschedule before departure time, same day, $40.00, round-trip fee 100% value of the trip

When you change your reservation, you might get a credit in your favor, that is, an open value with Island Escape Ferry. You can use this value in new ticket purchases, including promotional rates, excess baggage or supplement fees.

Each ticket is valid for one year at the time of purchase. As long as the company is notified and your reservation is open to use this credit for one year and you have purchased the ticket on our website or in our offices.

CANCEL THE TICKET: Try to confirm your trip on the day booked when you are sure you will make your trip. After making your reservation you CANNOT cancel your ticket.