Corona Virus Prevention


Between sailings all surfaces are being sanitized. In the case of the floors scolding water and bleach is being used as shown.

Hallway Sanitizing

All handrails are being sanitized between sailing.

Booth Sanitizing

All booths and counter tops are being sanitized between sailings.

While it is not 100% confirmed the intake of “Chloroquine” has shown promise toward the prevention and/or duration of the virus effects. By providing the medication to our crew daily it is management’s sincere hope that by their resistance to the virus the likelihood of exposer to our passengers will be greatly diminished.

In addition the above measures… the Owner of the “Island Escape” in concert with the “Barbuda Ocean Club” has flown to Antigua and Barbuda 1700 (first responder) 3M-N95 and ARUN KN95 (high quality) surgical masks and three cases of the advanced formula “Beaver Brook” hand sanitizer. These supplies will be made available to our passengers at cost, duty and freight free but limited to six masks and one large bottle of the hand sanitizer per passenger until our stock is depleted.

The vessel’s Owner has also provided the crew of the Island Escape a 30 day supply of “Hydroxychloroquine” as a prophylaxis. While the jury is still out on the use of the medication as an absolute cure recent controlled tests of its use are nearly 100% conclusive. We believe that by protecting our crew against contracting COVID-19 virus we also vastly cut the possibility of them being the source of spreading the disease to our valued patrons. Thank you and be well…


Upon boarding with presentation of your ticket our duty officer will offer all passenger either hand sanitizer or handy wipes.