“Island Experience Tours Ltd.” (IET) was founded in 2019 to provide upscale fast public ferry transportation between the islands of Antigua and Barbuda. The formation of IET came about after its principal stakeholder was approached by the developer of the “Barbuda Ocean Club” offering to subsidize the water bridge after careful analysis of what vessel would be best suited from an environmental perspective. Enter the M/V Island Escape for its low carbon emission engines, low wake at speed and shallow draft. Additionally, because the ferry is jet driven it does not present the same danger to marine life that propeller driven vessels have. It is IET’s promise to continue to strive to be the best ferry service in the West Indies for our patrons and to follow the same concern over the environment demonstrated by the “Barbuda Ocean Club”. Welcome Aboard!

Discover Barbuda

Discover Barbuda

Barbuda is one of the two major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua & Barbuda. Its known for its spectacular secluded pink and white sand beaches like reef lined Spanish Point and North Beach, backed by beautiful palm trees swaying in the cool West Indies trade winds. Explore the caves and the large Codrington Lagoon where the Frigate Bird Sanctuary is habitat for huge frigate birds and more than 150 other flying species. Both are is popular ecotour destination for our patrons. Nearby is laid-back town of Codrington, the only town on the island, largely known as a fishing village with a population of only 1300. If you are a seafood lover Barbuda is your place.

Caving in Two Foot Bay National Park

Barbuda is famous for its mysterious caves. They can be found in Two Foot Bay National Park on Barbuda’s wild northeastern coast. Exploring Indian cave is a must! The entrance is at the top of a small bluff to the opposite of a stone ruin. Carved into the cliffs, the three chambered cave features Arkwak indian petroglyphs and bat chambers as well as stunning views of the Caribbean as you climb through the cave to its roof. The caves can be explored as a part of passage to Barbuda on the luxury ferry “Island Escape”.

While you may wish to explore the caves on your own we recommend a guided tour. 

Caving in Two Foot Bay National Park

The Barbuda Frigate Bird Sanitary

The Barbuda Frigate Bird Sanctuary

To the north end of Caribe Sands 17 mile beach is where our passengers will find the “Frigate Bird Sanctuary”, a vast enclave of lust mangrove and mud swamps, brackish bayous and waterways that hosts perhaps the largest gathering of frigate birds in the world. That’s right… this small area of land on Barbuda is the prime spot for seeking out the curious red-throated fliers that bellow and bulge with their weird and wonderful mating behavior during December and January annually.

There are also pelicans and other oodles of sea birds there, while the landscapes are gorgeous, marking the far end of the protected Codrington Lagoon National Park. Guided tours are available. Call us on (268) 736-6607. for more information

Surfing Palmetto Point

Barbuda in recent years has captured the attention of international surfing and kite-surfing enthusiasts. No crowds, miles of empty beach and some of the most consistent strong winds and fast moving waves in the Caribbean. Palmetto Point has huge swells at certain times and is a favorite with surfers. Low Bay is better for the kite surfers amongst us though. Island Experience Tours is pleased to offer our surfing friends a discount fare for any group of six or more to ride the waves.

Call us on (268) 736-6607 for more information Let’s go surf’in!

Surfing Palmetto Point

Fishing Barbuda

Fishing Barbuda

Lobster is often caught by diving with a wire lasso and is one of the main exports, mainly to the French Caribbean Islands. Other fish are caught and sold locally straight from the boat still kick’in. Fresh lobster grilled by the island’s small quaint restaurants is a favorite of our passengers. They are lucky to have many delicious varieties to choose from including barracuda, shark, grunt, old wife, hind, grouper and of course our favorite… Caribbean red snapper.

Fishing, dive and snorkeling excursions are available upon request. Call us on (268) 736-6607 for more information Let’s go fish’in!

Welcome Aboard!

The luxury highspeed catamaran passenger ferry
“Island Escape” departs from the ferry dock in downtown St John’s near to Heritage Quay, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 AM and arrives to Barbuda at 8:30 AM. The ferry returns from Barbuda at 3:45 PM and arrives back in St John’s at 5:15 PM. Check-in times are no later than 30 minutes before sailing.

Reservations are recommended. Call (268) 736-6607

Welcome Aboard!

Activities to Live the Adventure
Our destinations have a wide variety of recreational activities for the whole family.
Recreational Activities

Barbuda gives you an unforgettable experience with different actives for all ages. Some are shown above.


Different island dishes can be found in quaint locally owned restaurants situated around Barbuda.


Lodging with incredible views of the island’s beautiful pink and pure white sand beaches back dropped by crystal clear turquoise Caribbean water ranging from camping to luxurious.


Barbuda has a long history to learn going back to the Akawak Indians to the early European explorers which led to the slave trade and finally its colonization by England in 1632.